You are not just a Woman. You are a WOMAN.

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

This is what an anonymous guy contacted me simply the other day: "Being strong is not rewarded. Ladies are expected to be prone. Being strong means that you're certainly bitter or jaded concerning something, which's just not eye-catching."

Here is what being a strong woman indicates to me: It implies defending myself. It implies that I am a fully-functioning human, one that is independent and able to do things for herself. It implies that I have opinions and also ideas that I mean, which I do not go for much less.

It doesn't mean that I do not request for assistance. I do (commonly). Asking for help does not mean I'm weak, it indicates I'm able to recognize that I'm not a super woman, and that I'm going to require other individuals in some cases.

Being strong does not indicate that I close myself off from others and also act like I'm far better than them. (Really, I'm constantly aiming to be better, live far better, love far better, which is about me as opposed to any person else.) It does not imply that I compel my beliefs down other people's throats, or evaluate them for just how they assume. It does not mean that I'm 'certainly bitter or seasoned'. As a matter of fact, a solid lady is a female that enjoys herself as well as her world as well as is therefore favorable, caring, as well as fearless.

To be a strong woman just suggests that I am based as well as certain in that I am.

I read this man's comment. After that read it once more. And also withstood the amazing urge to respond and begin a back-and-forth fight using computer displays that would certainly end up going no place. But also after a few days, this remark has actually stuck with me.

See, this is the mistaken belief regarding solid females: that we are difficult to like. But in all fact, it's the full reverse. Solid ladies are the very best women to like. We are the women with strong empathy. We know who we are and we are not worried to accept that. We love whole-heartedly because we love ourselves. And we are not only wanting to better ourselves, yet our partners, our globes. If you're a man that's frightened by a solid female, perhaps it is since you know this female will push you to be much better, will make you see the world in a different way, will certainly challenge you.

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